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Nancy "Crystal" Chaves, who is just one-month old was found safe and sound today after she was kidnapped from a Wal-Mart parking lot in Abilene, Texas. Police have arrested a woman in Quanah, Texas, after pulling her over while she was driving a car with the baby inside and the cops made a positive identification on the baby, police Sgt. Kim Vickers said. We'll have complete coverage for you this evening from Texas.

Then, are officials in Baton Rouge closing in on a serial killer? We'll have a more on this story for you this evening.

Plus, city officials in Michigan City, Indiana have enacted a rule banning child molesters from a park in their town. But the Indiana ACLU is crying foul! We'll tell you why tonight.

Also, yet another heartbreaking case of child abuse involving Florida's Department of Families and Children. Why did a little boy wind up dead despite three investigations by the Department.

And, questions are being raised about contributions that Georgia Representative Cynthia McKinney received from some Muslim groups that are under investigation by the FBI. Is this an attempt to tarnish her image or something that should be investigated by the government? We'll hear from both sides.

Finally, are fans becoming tired of Tiger Woods? Is his success making the sport boring? Or is this just gossip? We'll talk with two people who analyze sports for a living.

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