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Baghdad has declared its willingness to admit United Nations weapons inspectors into the country for the first time in four years. How should the United States respond? We'll speak with New Jersey Democrat Senator Jon Corzine and West Virginia Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall who has just returned from a trip to Iraq.

Plus, were the five men accused of being part of an Al Qaeda sleeper terror cell who were over the weekend near Buffalo, New York, about to be called to action? Sources now say that President Bush ordered their arrests, and that of a sixth man arrested in Bahrain, because of concerns that the cell was about to be activated. We'll have the latest for you tonight.

Then, a 14-year-old girl is found brutally murdered in Ohio... And the man police suspect is a repeat sex offender. Will he be arrested soon? Can anything be done to stop these heinous crimes against children? We'll have a report for you this evening.

Finally, on a much lighter note, Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor will give us a preview of Survivor: Thailand. How does he manage to survive all those crazy contestants?! We'll find out tonight.

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