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The Bush administration announces it has raised the nation's terror alert to Code Orange elevating the country to a higher alert level. Attorney General John Ashcroft says that Americans should not change their plans for tomorrow and should report to work. The Attorney General says that most of these threats seem to be focused overseas.

You can count on On the Record for all the latest developments on this breaking story tonight. We'll have a live report from our own Brian Wilson in Washington.

Then, we'll turn to Indiana Senator Evan Bayh who sits on the Senate's Select Committee on Intelligence for his assessment of the threat to the nation's security.

Also, later in the broadcast, we'll speak with Geraldo Rivera live from Afghanistan.

And, we'll look at why, nearly a year after the 9/11 terror attacks, some say our airport security system still deserves a failing grade.

Finally, a special look at some of the scenarios you have probably thought about in the wake of the terror attacks. Don't miss our special report "What If..." tonight.

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