Topics and Guests for Tuesday, July 29

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Tuesday, July 29:

Coalition forces are hoping the capture of Saddam Hussein will help stabilize the country. So when are we going to catch him?
•  Army Brigadier General Martin

President Bush refuses to declassify parts of a congressional 9/11 report
•  Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

A federal judge strikes down part of California’s recall law, making it easier for voters to decide the state's next governor
•  Mike Curb, former Calif. lieutenant governor

You can bet on just about anything: sports, hog prices, box office figures. A now-cancelled Pentagon plan would have allowed "trading on terror"
•  Robert Hanson, assistant economics professor at George Mason University

The recording industry cranks up the volume on Internet song swappers, taking hundreds to court for copyright infringement
•  Bob Barnes, subpoenaed by the RIAA

The Pentagon and CIA continue working overseas to hunt down Usama bin Laden. How’s their search going?
•  Jane Mayer of The New Yorker

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