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Tonight...go on the record...with Greta!

The mother of the girl at the center of the "Under God" flap earlier this year is striking back. She'll go on the record exclusively with Greta this evening.

Sandra Banning, the mother of the little girl who was named in the Pledge of Allegiance case filed by her former husband, Michael Newdow, asked a court on Monday to keep the words "under God" in the pledge.

Banning, who has had sole legal custody of the girl since February, said she and her daughter are Christians and believe in God.

Newdow, who brought the case to the Court of Appeals, said his daughter was injured by being forced to listen to children reciting the pledge at Elk Grove Unified School District.

We'll have more details about Banning's court motion tonight and you'll only see it On the Record.

Plus, is Saudi Arabia our friend... or an arch-enemy of the United States?

A briefing given to the Defense Policy Board by the Rand Corporation suggests that the Kingdom's strategic alliance with the U.S. is has been under considerable stress since the September 11 terror attacks.

Analysts from the Rand Corporation, a Washington think tank, told intellectuals and former administration officials who consult the Pentagon that Saudi Arabia "supports our enemies and attacks our allies." They even recommend strong action against the Saudis if they don't get in line and crack down on terrorist activities. Among the suggestions: the possibility of a seizure of the Kingdom's oil fields and financial assets currently in the United States. Are the Saudis our worst nightmare or among our most solid allies? We'll talk with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about this explosive new report.

Also, looks like domestic diva Martha Stewart's in hot water that's really heating up. We'll have the lastest for you tonight.

Finally, baseball's John Rocker is also in trouble again... But this time some say he was right to make the comments he did. We'll have the story for you.

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