Tonight...go on the record...with Greta! 

What's behind the seizure of the Iraqi embassy earlier today in Berlin, Germany by dissidents? And why is Iraq blaming us?! We'll have the latest on this developing story for you tonight from Germany.

Then, we'll talk with the former U.S. Charge d' Affairs in Iraq Ambassador Joseph Wilson and Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute.

Plus, Al Qaeda prisoners in jail in Afghanistan have vowed to wage war against the United States. So why are we letting them go free?! We'll have the shocking exclusive interview inside the Jihad jail and we'll talk with two of our top military experts about the situation.

Plus, it's a big day for Martha Stewart. She's been asked to turn over her personal records regarding the ImClone situation by this evening. Did she do it? And why is one report saying that Martha thinks she, too, is a victim of a right wing conspiracy?! We'll take a look at the Martha mess with Elizabeth MacDonald from Forbes, public relations guru Fraser Seitel and criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos this evening.

Also, Seattle case of a public defender who supposed to represent her client and defend his innocence. But she wound up making out with him instead! Now, her career could be over and her client's case isn't looking much better! We'll tell you about a strange case that's really got some folks sleepless in Seattle!

Finally, an update on the Van Dam murder trial.

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