Tonight...go on the record...with Greta!  Could a serial killer be ready to strike again in Orange County? Authorities are working furiously to hunt down the man who killed Samantha Runnion. How will they do it? We'll have complete coverage of this tragic story this evening.

First we'll have a live report for you from California.

Then, we'll speak with two of the country's finest forensic experts: Dr. Michael Baden and Cyril Wecht.

Plus, the search continues for Elizabeth Smart. The missing 14 year old still has not been found but could she have been seen in another state? We'll have an update for you.

Also, a dramatic development in the case of  the alleged "twentieth hijacker" Zacarias Moussaoui today. The suspect tried to plead guilty but the judge told him she would not accept his position until he's thought about it for a week! He also acknowledged being a member of Al Qaeda. Why didn't the judge accept his plea right away? It's a very unexpected turn of events. We'll bring you a live report on all of today's unexpected developments.

Finally, the British Open is finally underway. Just what are Tiger's chances? We'll ask two odds makers to handicap his chances.

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