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Jan. 30:

The White House is trying to decide whether to release some classified satellite photos of Iraq to our allies and maybe even the public
John Pike of Globalsecurity.org

The White House will be sharing more intelligence on Iraq next week, including its possible link to Al Qaeda. But intelligence is a subjective thing. How do you decide what is good, what's bad, and what to reveal? 
Graham Fuller, former vice chairman of CIA intelligence

Both Democrats and Republicans are putting a political spin on war, looking to maneuver for an advantage no matter what the president actually decides
Deborah Orin, D.C. bureau chief of the New York Post

A judge has locked up would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid and thrown away the key, but could his lawyer's tactics prove troublesome down the road? 
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

"Six degrees of Kevin Bacon" has a cult following among movie fans — that's a game where you try to link Bacon to any other actor through mutual movie connections. Turns out science has been looking at similar connections
Duncan Watts, author of Six Degrees: The Science of A Connected Age

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