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Saturday, September 10

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Katrina (search) ripped through the Gulf Coast, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama begin to pick up the pieces. Team FOX is live with the latest from the storm-battered region.

Human corpses, feces and oil are just a few of the toxic substances contaminating the New Orleans floodwaters. Officials warn that even skin contact with the polluted water is highly dangerous. So what effects could the toxic sludge have on the residents refusing to leave and the officials working in New Orleans? We'll get insight from chemical toxicologist Dr. Harold Zeliger and Brobson Lutz, former director of Health of New Orleans.

FEMA Director Michael Brown (search) is removed from Katrina relief in the Gulf Coast region and sent back to D.C. to oversee the federal government's response to the disaster. Is Brown to blame for the initial slow response to Hurricane Katrina? We'll get reaction from former FEMA director Wallace Stickney.

Then, Hurricane Katrina has left many kids homeless. Relief agencies are working around the clock to reunite children with their families. We'll get an update on the efforts from Herb Jones, spokesperson for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

And, we'll talk with Michael and Ann Beaty who are still looking for their teen daughters after Katrina's devastating wrath.

Plus, Ophelia regains hurricane strength and could possible make landfall anywhere from northern Florida to the Carolinas. Bernie Rayno of AccuWeather.com has the latest.

Sunday, September 11

We'll be joined by:

Dr. Harold Zeliger, chemical toxicologist
Wallace Stickney, former FEMA director
Dr. Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist
Brobson Lutz, former director of Health of New Orleans
Jim Kosek, AccuWeather.com
Thomas Von Essen, former NYC fire commissioner
Jeff Chanton, oceanographer

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