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Topics and Guests:

• FOX News has conducted an exclusive and lengthy interview that casts further doubt on already contested memos from the early 1970s obtained by CBS News, which purport to show that then-Lt. George W. Bush sought to dodge service requirements in the Texas Air National Guard.

FNC's James Rosen will be live from Washington with more.

We'll also hear from Dick Harpootlian, former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Charlie Black, a Republican strategist.

Is this controversy really doing the president any harm?

• Hurricane Ivan (search) is bearing down on Jamaica, and is expected to hit tonight or tomorrow morning before possibly moving on to the southeastern U.S.

Folks in some parts of Florida are already being evacuated just in case.

Ivan would be the third hurricane to hit Florida in about a month.

FNC's Rick Leventhal is in Key West with the latest on the storm preparations.

We'll also ask Marty Evans, president and CEO of the American Red Cross (search).

What do the folks in Florida need most?

All of that... and more on The Big Story With John Gibson at 5 p.m. ET.

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