Topics and Guests for Monday, Sept. 30

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Here's a review of what was on the rundown for Monday, Sept. 30:

Lawmakers take up the White House's proposal to allow the president to do whatever it takes to get weapons of mass destruction out of Iraq
• Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif. 
• Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J.

The Pentagon releases video showing Iraqi anti-aircraft weapons firing on U.S. and British planes in the no-fly zones
Bryan Bender of Jane's Defence Weekly 

International reaction to a possible U.S.-led attack on Iraq
Martin Wagner, correspondent for German Public Radio
Ian Woods, correspondent for Sky News
Margery Friesner, correspondent for the Italian News Agency

Police investigating the Chandra Levy murder mystery are taking a second look at someone initially ruled out as a suspect
Ted Williams, former D.C. detective

The University of Mississippi commemorates 40 years of integration
Robert Khayatt, chancellor at the University of Mississippi

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Note: Topics subject to change