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Thursday, May 27:

John Kerry says there's no place for partisan politics when it comes to global security and the war in Iraq
• Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Kerry's foreign policy adviser

Is the peace deal in Najaf likely to hold?
Orly Halpern of the Christian Science Monitor

Is Kerry offering voters anything new?
Tucker Eskew, adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign

The judge in the Kobe Bryant case shows his frustration with the prosecution while the basketball star's defense team puts forth what it says is physical evidence proving their client is not guilty of rape
• Dr. Larry Kobilinsky, professor of forensic science at John Jay College

Adam Gadahn is one of seven people tied to Al Qaeda, suspected of planning attacks in this country. How did this American get mixed up in this?
Lorenzo Ladino of the Investigative Project

A radical Islamic cleric suspected of trying to build a terror training camp in the U.S. is arrested in Great Britain
Steven Simon, Rand Corporation senior analyst

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