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Topics and Guests:

• About 200 prospective jurors for the Scott Peterson (search ) double murder case get their first crack at 30-page questionnaires.

We'll get a LIVE update from FNC correspondent Claudia Cowan.

What type of questions will potential jurors have to answer? We'll get expert legal analysis and assessment from former prosecutor John Kelly and criminal defense attorney Craig Mitnick.

• Will the jury in the Martha Stewart (search) case find the domestic diva guilty on charges that could send her to prison for up to 20 years?

Senior business correspondent Teri Keenan will give us a LIVE update from outside the federal courthouse in New York City.

• Plus, we'll have Team Fox coverage of all the latest details from the presidential campaign trail.

All of this... and more on Studio B With Shepard Smith at 3 p.m. ET.

Note: Topics subject to change