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Saturday, July 9

London (search) authorities begin to pick up the pieces from Thursday's deadly terror attacks, searching for answers and suspects in the four coordinated attacks that killed at least 50 people. Was Al Qaeda behind the horrific attacks? And how does this impact the U.S.? Don't miss our complete analysis of the London terror bombings.

We'll be joined by:

Harvey Kushner, terrorism expert and author of "Holy War on the Home Front"
Lorenzo Vidino, deputy director at the Investigative Project
Jim Walsh, international security expert
Dr. Michael Baden, forensic pathologist
Michael Snyder, chairman of Policy and Resources Committee for the Corporation of London
Bill Gertz, Washington Times defense reporter
Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor-at-large of United Press International
Mansoor Ijaz, FOX foreign affairs analyst
Mike Brooks, former FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force
Ken Walsh, chief White House correspondent for U.S. News & World Report
Leonard Weinberg, author of "Global Terrorism"

Then, we'll have an update on missing U.S. teen Natalee Holloway (search) from:

Vinda de Sousa, Holloway family attorney
Marcia Twitty, Natalee Holloway's aunt
Jossy Mansur, managing editor of El Diario, the largest paper in Aruba

And, Hurricane Dennis (search) slams Cuba's southern coast and slices across the island to the capital Friday, killing at least 10 people and pushing the Caribbean toll to 20. The powerful storm is heading towards the U.S., prompting hundreds of thousands to flee the Gulf Coast. Team FOX is live with up-to-the-minute information on "Dennis the Menace."

Sunday, July 10

Special 2-hour block of "The Big Story Weekend" Sunday edition — tune in at 8 p.m.!

We'll be joined by:

Bernard Kerik, former NYC police commissioner
Amb. Dennis Ross, former Middle East envoy
Michael Freedman, Forbes magazine's Europe bureau chief
Harold Copus, former FBI special agent
Nile Gardner, Heritage Foundation
Jim Leonard, hurricane chaser
Timothy Naftali, counterterrorism expert
Mike Brooks, former D.C. police detective
Britt Peemoller, Red Cross spokesperson
Patrick Basham, U.K. foreign policy
Gil Alba, former NYPD detective
Michael Baden, forensic pathologist
Bob Newman, terrorism expert
Steve Emerson, terrorism expert

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