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Topics and Guests:

Vice presidential pick Sen. John Edwards (search) appears before the Democratic National Convention to accept the party's vice presidential nomination.

What points should Edwards try to make Wednesday night? Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez and Democratic strategist Howard Wolfson join the debate.

Plus, FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano examines Edwards' career as an attorney.

Are the Democrats doing a good job of selling Sen. John Kerry at their convention? That’s the big question for former Gov. Marc Racicot, chairman of the Bush-Cheney campaign.

Ron Reagan making a highly publicized appearance at the Democratic National Convention, pushing for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Reagan claimed it was not a political speech, but ended by telling the crowd how to vote. Did Democrats use Ron Reagan as a publicity stunt? We’ll ask FOX News contributor Michael Reagan.

Plus, after a weeklong search, volunteers are asked to stop looking for Lori Hacking, for their own safety. When does a missing person case become a murder investigation? That’s the big question for former Utah Police Sergeant David Lundberg.

All of that... and more on The Big Story With John Gibson at 5 p.m. ET.

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