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Saturday, July 23

Aruba's prime minister urges investigators to give the FBI all documents related to the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway (search). Could these documents provide vital clues for a much-needed break in the case? Rod Wheeler, former D.C. homicide detective, and private investigator Bob Heales weigh in.

Then, as authorities conduct DNA tests on blonde hairs attached to a piece of duct tape found on a beach in Aruba, DNA samples are taken from jailed teen Joran van der Sloot (search) and the now-released Kalpoe brothers. Could the DNA results break the Natalee Holloway case wide open? We'll ask forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz.

And, we'll talk with the person that found the piece of duct tape, Mario "Buchi" Rasmijn.

Plus, we'll be joined by:

Jug Twitty, Natalee Holloway's stepfather
Benvinda DeSousa, Jug and Beth Holloway Twitty's attorney
Julia Renfro, editor-in-chief of Aruba Today

Last week, we examined the mysterious disappearance of Connecticut newlywed George Smith (search) while on his honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean. With no known updates, is the case heading towards a dead end? We'll get the lowdown from New York Post reporter Michael White and maritime lawyer James Walker.

Then, we'll talk with Larry and Linda Bruck and Tim Sears, all passengers on the cruise George Smith disappeared from.

Plus, London (search) is rocked by two attacks in two weeks. Could this be the start of a deadly trend around the world? And, is the U.S. next? Team FOX is live in London with the very latest.

Sunday, July 24

We'll be joined by:

Mike White, New York Post reporter
Gil Alba, former NYPD detective
Arlene Ellis-Schipper, Aruban attorney
Julia Renfro, editor-in-chief of Aruba Today
Dave Holloway, Natalee's father
Jug Twitty, Natalee Holloway's stepfather
Paul Reynolds, Natalee's uncle
Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist
Bob Heales, private investigator
James Walker, maritime lawyer
Steve Emerson, terror expert

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