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Saturday, January 7

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is in stable but serious condition after emergency brain surgery Friday. Team FOX is live with the very latest.

Then, if Sharon does recover, it is very unlikely that he will return to power. How will this affect the peace process in the Middle East?

President Bush pushes Congress to make his tax cuts permanent in order to further stimulate the nation's economy, even as critics question the strength of new economic indicators. We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Republican strategist Michelle Laxalt and Democratic pollster and strategist Doug Schoen.

Plus, will "The Daily Show" host John Stewart bomb as host of the Oscars? Tom O'Neil, senior editor of In Touch Weekly, weighs in.

Sunday, January 8

Senate confirmation hearings for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito begin Monday January 9. What can we expect? We'll get insight from FOX News Supreme Court analyst Tim O'Brien.

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