America holds its breath that we don't suffer a terror attack (search) over the holidays. But investors are holding their breath too: If we avoid a terror attack in 2003, many believe the bulls will keep charging on Wall Street in 2004.

2004 may end up the ‘Year of the Court Battle:’ Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Scott Peterson all head to court in the new year. We’ll look into who is likely to end the year behind bars and who may walk free.

Election year: Who will come out as Democratic nominee and who will win the big prize in November? And who is Wall Street voting for?

Best investments for 2004: From homes to stocks, we tell investors where to get the biggest bang for their buck next year.

Plus, they call him Dr. Smell. Meet a scientist that has created smells that retailers pump into the air to make shoppers buy more. Does it really work and is it ethical?

That’s all on tonight’s edition of Your World with Cavuto.

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