Topics and Guests for Friday, May 9

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Stories for Friday, 
May 9:

• Perhaps no image illustrated the fall of Saddam Hussein better than that of a towering statue of the Iraqi dictator being toppled in downtown Baghdad.

That happened one month ago today. So much has been accomplished since then, but much more remains to be done in the war on terror.

We’ll have Team FOX coverage of the aftermath of Operation Iraqi Freedom with correspondents Carol McKinley in Baghdad; Bret Baier at the Pentagon; and Catherine Herridge at the U.N.

• The U.S. and its allies are asking the U.N. Security Council (search) to pass a resolution lifting sanctions on Iraq. What role should those countries opposed to military action in Iraq now play in the post-Saddam era?

We’ll ask Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus and David Corn, editor of The Nation magazine.

Plus — Are weapons of mass destruction (search) buried in Iraq? Did France really help senior Iraqi officials escape? Is Saddam actually hiding in Russia?

Find out why FNC military analyst and retired Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely thinks the answer to all three of those questions is “yes”.

• President Bush gets ready to give the senior class at the university of South Carolina a big sendoff into the real world.

White House Correspondent James Rosen, who’s traveling with the president in Columbia, S.C., will explain.

• A man in Philadelphia, held by kidnappers, managed to punch in 911 on his cell phone twice before being stabbed to death.

The emergency dispatcher on the other end was unable to trace the call and listened helplessly as the man begged for his life. Correspondent Todd Connor will have that story.

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Note: Topics subject to change