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Friday, Jan. 9:

Howard Dean says he no longer thinks the Iowa caucuses are made up of extremists, a position he apparently held four years ago
R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr., publisher of "The American Spectator"

Is Howard Dean's religion a matter of faith or political opportunism?
Stephen Prothero, author of "American Jesus"

Thanks to new provisions of the Patriot Act, the feds can snoop through all your financial records and they don't even need a court order
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

The Los Angeles Police Department, pushing for a new dress code at public protests — no masks, no goggles and no scarves
Mike Hillman, LAPD deputy chief

President Bush wants to take space exploration a few million miles further, where no man has gone before
Louis Friedman, director of the Planetary Society

Butch Cassidy would have been fined $100 for riding a bike with his feet off the pedals — one of the many little laws in the Big Apple...
Christopher Hitchens, "Vanity Fair" writer

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