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Friday, Jan. 2:

Airlines carry millions of passengers every day. All those passengers have to be screened by security somehow, so how do you identify a real threat? 
David Forbes, aviation security analyst

The White House is enlisting international airlines in the war on terror, but are they on board with the program? 
David O'Connor of the International Air Transport Association

We are less than three weeks away from the Iowa caucuses and 25 days until the New Hampshire primary. What can we expect from the Democrats as they duke it out in the Granite State?
Susan Estrich, FNC political analyst

There are new major requirements for foreigners traveling into the United States. How will that affect travel? 
Rick Webster of the Travel Industry Association of America

Do you really need creative tension to build motorcycles? 
Paul Teutel of American Chopper
Paul Teutel Jr. of American Chopper

The first of two American Mars rovers are due to land on the red planet. What are we hoping to find there?
Roger Launus, chief of space history at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

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