Topics and Guests for December 3 & 4

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Crips co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams moves a step closer to the death chamber after the California Supreme Court refused to reopen his case in four murders and halt the state's highest-profile execution since the death penalty was reinstated. We'll get reaction from Lora Owens, the mother of one of Tookie Williams' victims.

Then, ten Marines are killed and 11 injured in an IED attack near Fallujah on Friday. We'll get reaction from retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Bill Cowan.

And, is the war in Iraq dividing the Democratic Party? We'll debate it.


Tookie Williams' death row drama draws Hollywood’s attention. Former M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell, president of Death Penalty Focus, speaks out!

Then, we'll get reaction from victims' rights advocate William Hubbarth, attorney and vice president of Justice for All.

And, are jihadists using Western women to carry out their dirty deeds? Mia Bloom, author of "Dying to Kill," weighs in.

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