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Topics and Guests:

Homeland security says pictures of buildings on an Al Qaeda (search) computer may have been taken as recently as January. How imminent is the current terrorist threat? That’s the big question for former FBI Deputy Director Buck Revell.

The FBI made headlines this week with a number of high profile terror busts. But do these sting operations really keep us safe? We’ll ask FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Some Vietnam veterans are questioning John Kerry’s status as a war hero. Does the Swift boat veterans' anti-Kerry ad go too far? We’ll ask Newt Gingrich, FOX News political analyst and former speaker of the House.

John Kerry may have had a ball accepting his nomination, but for some reason he didn't get a big bounce in the polls. Will President Bush get a bounce from the Republican National Convention? Jamal Simmons, Democratic strategist, and Sherri Annis, Republican strategist, join the debate.

Mark Hacking's lawyer says he'll challenge any confession made in a mental health ward. We’ll get the latest from Pat Reavy, reporter for the Deseret Morning News.

Plus, can you sue someone for an injury caused in war? We’ll ask Layne Morris, injured soldier, and his attorney Donald Winder.

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