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Topics and Guests:

• An officer who served with John Kerry (search) charges that he didn't deserve one of his Purple Heart medals for being wounded.

William Schachte, Jr. (search), a retired rear admiral, told columnist Robert Novak (search) that Kerry injured himself when firing a grenade launcher.

Schachte also says that their boat was not taking fire at the time. This is just the latest in the back and forth about Kerry's war record.

We’ll talk about it with Rick Davis, former campaign manager for John McCain (search), and Steve MurphyDick Gephardt's (search) campaign manager.

Is the swift boat controversy affecting voters' opinions?

• A bloody three-week standoff has now come to an end.

The contested holy shrine in Najaf is now turned over to Iraq’s top Shiite cleric while Muqtada al-Sadr (search) and his followers go elsewhere. But is the fighting really over?

• Kobe Bryant's (search) rape trial rolls on today in Eagle, Colo. with hundreds of locals turning out as jury selection begins.

We’ll get the latest from FNC’s Alicia Acuna, standing by at the courthouse.

• A bitter fight over government services for illegal immigrants divided voters in California over Proposition 187 (search). Now that same debate is playing out in Arizona.

Correspondent Trace Gallagher has the story of this contentious referendum.

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