Dec. 30:

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South Asia Disaster

The Associated Press is reporting that the death toll from the massive earthquake and tsunamis that struck southern Asia on Sunday has now reached 114,000.

We'll have the latest on relief efforts, more stories of survival and live reports from the region...

Al Qaeda Terror Tactics

A new government intelligence bulletin describes, in the greatest detail yet, the way Al Qaeda (search) assesses potential terror targets. It also describes the violent techniques favored by the terrorist organization and even extolls the lethal power of flying, shattered building glass and advises that kerosene and tires are effective for a deadly arson attack.

The bulletin provides a fresh glimpse into terrorist reports found in computers and disks seized in Pakistan in July. The reports described the casing by terrorists of several buildings in the United States. Those reports prompted authorities in this country to raise the terror threat level earlier this year for high-profile financial facilities in New York, Washington and Newark, New Jersey.

We'll have the latest on the bulletin...

Baby Snatch Suspect's Ex-Husband Speaks

The man who was once married to the Missouri woman charged with murdering a pregnant woman and taking her 8-month-old fetus from the womb is speaking out about his ex-wife. We'll tell you what he said!

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--The Associated Press contributed to this report

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