Top Three Democrats Busted Over Iraq War

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The far left is reeling today, and it's their own anti-Bush candidates who have let the left down.

First, all efforts to end the war with legislation in Congress have now officially failed. Democrats run the Senate, except when it comes to the war it seems.

Second, last night's Democrat debate. On that issue, let's give a major league hat tip to Tim Russert, moderator of "Meet the Press." He went after the Democrats just as if the bunch of them standing up there were Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Scooter Libby. And Russert's persistent and pointed questioning produced the most interesting results of the night.

Not one of the anti-Bush, anti-war Democrat primary leaders would promise to bring the troops home from Iraq before the end of his or her first term. Not Hillary Clinton, not John Edwards, not Barack Obama.

From the Daily Kos today, the far-left Web site run out of Berkeley, California, is this posting from Markos Moulitsas himself: "Hillary may be the most disciplined politician I've ever seen. If Obama is to make up ground, he'll have to do it the old-fashioned politics way — by attacking."

OK. Should Obama attack Hillary for not promising to get us out of Iraq when he won't make the same promise himself?

And this is from one of the Daily Kos posters later. Probably tells the real tale of the left right now: "Visit Draft Gore Central at to find a Draft Gore group near you."

Have they given up on the big Dems, especially Hillary and Obama and Edwards? Starting to sound like it if the Draft Gore movement is picking up steam on the left.

Democrats have gone to great lengths to encourage the far-left voter to believe they will end the war and end it on the first day they have the power to do so. Now the secret is out. No they won't.

The big three, at least, recognize that they don't know everything there is to know about the war, and they may have to continue something they have been telling people they would end. Oops.

And to moderator Tim Russert: Thanks. That was really great.

That's My Word.

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