So I’m reading this study the other day that predicts the human species is living longer and that given advances in medicine, will start living a lot longer and a lot sooner than anyone thought.

But a 100 years or more?

Yeah, that's what these guys are saying. One researcher says there's nothing stopping the human body from pushing 130 years, and given the right care, people living to 200 or more won't be out of the question in the next century.

Which raises this question... then what do we do?

Obviously there are frightening issues here. This would all but bust Social Security (search), for example. I’m not here to look at the negatives, but the positives. I mean, look at the benefits.

Benefit no. 1: You don't have to retire at 65. Why bother quitting the race when you're only halfway through the race?

Benefit no. 1: You can tell Generation X (search) that they're going to have to wait a very, very long time before you go.

Benefit no. 3: Let’s say you're a single 110-year-old guy. You can start cruising for 80-year-old chicks.

Benefit no. 4: If you're already in one of those 55-and-older adult communities, you're already grandfathered-in before they change 'em to 155-and-older adult communities.

Benefit no. 5: Hollywood would finally have to start making movies for you, and not just teenagers.

Benefit no. 6: Madison Avenue also would have to stop this fixation with the twenty-something crowd, and start thinking about the 120-something crowd.

All I ask is that this medical breakthrough help us all so that all of us can age slowly and gracefully together. Because there's nothing worse than being the only 130-year-old on the block.

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