You know the issue of customer service isn't rocket science to me. It's about treating people well. Here's when I know there are going to be problems with a customer service person.

No. 1: She's not smiling. I can tell this even through the phone -- I can "see" a scowl. And people who scowl barely like themselves, let alone you!

No. 2: She blinks slowly. People who blink slowly move slowly, act slowly, and don't give a damn... slowly.

No. 3: She's filing her nails. This too I can hear over the phone. A dead give-away she really doesn't care. If it's a man doing so, you're doubly screwed.

No. 4: She's chewing gum and she doesn't give a damn that you know it.

No. 5: She puts you on hold to go to the bathroom.

No. 6: She's right there at the register and she leaves you to go to the bathroom!

No. 7: She's either on the phone, or right there at the register and she leaves you to go on break. Or worse yet, to go home for the day with no explanation.

No. 8: She's doodling as you're complaining. This too you can pick up over the phone. Sometimes she'll even say, "I'm doodling as you're complaining, by the way."

No. 9: If she's not saying anything at all, she’s either a very good listener, or she's died online. Either way, you're not going to get help.

No. 10: She suddenly pretends to be a recording when you swear she was live at the beginning of the call.

If you encounter any of these signs, leave the register, hang up the phone and try again.

After all, it's not worth getting through, if you can't get through.

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