Let me ask you something.

If you just found out the boss froze your pay and wasn't giving you an increase this year, you'd change some things, right?

Maybe not buy that new car, or hold off building that addition on the house.

So, the big things you'd put off.

But I guess you'd still go out to eat now and then, maybe take in a movie.

Now, what if you found out you'd be losing your job?

I imagine you'd take more drastic action, right?

Out would go the eating out too, I guess. Movies, if you see them, are at home.

There is a difference between adjustment and drastic adjustment.

But not with the government.

So convinced are they that we're going into a depression that they're spending like crazy to make sure it doesn't happen.

Oblivious to the fact that the more they spend, the more they could make the very thing they fear a reality, and us getting stuck for the huge tab in the process.

Look, we're in for tough times.

I do not think we're in for end of the world times.

Yet we're preparing for end of the world times.

And spending like it.

On top of trillions spent stimulating everyone from banks to mortgage holders, now politicians want to spend hundreds of billions more on more mortgage relief, now credit card relief, food stamp relief, just lots more of all sorts of relief.

My gosh, we're not only spending money we don't have but for a crisis we will never see!

To wit, some facts:

The economy is indeed contracting, but it is not collapsing — three tenths of a percent in the latest quarter, still, not the half a percent dip everyone was predicting.

Jobless claims are high, but they're not soaring. In fact, in the latest week, they stayed the same when everyone thought they'd rocket.

Dour. Not dire. Dip. Not depression.

The trick this Halloween eve for Washington, is to avoid treats that could end up scaring us long after Halloween.

They say too much candy can make you sick. I've never bought that one.

But I buy this: Too much candy from Washington can never, ever make us better.

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