The Olympics got great ratings. So do those VH1 "Where Are They Now" specials. Now Fox is combining them?

From the people who brought you The Glutton Bowl, which did pretty well too, comes a new plan for something that's just as outrageous — Celebrity Boxing, featuring Amy Fisher socking it out with Tonya Harding.

Remember Amy Fisher, the "Long Island Lolita"? She was willing to do anything for her man, including stand by his woman — with a gun.

Remember Tonya Harding? The darling of the skating circuit who didn't need a French judge to fix her match with Nancy Kerrigan? Like Colonel Mustard in "Clue," all she needed was a lead pipe.

Now Tonya and Amy are set to duke it out in the one-hour March 13 special. Answering tough trivia questions? No. Skating? Nope. Ping pong? Try boxing. That's right — Amy Fisher and Tonya Harding womano a womano.

Since this is a three-card bout, you'll also get former Partridge Danny Bonaduce from that male version of The View, going up against The Brady Bunch's Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady. The third match has yet to be announced.

Each fight will go three rounds of two minutes each. To protect those expensive Beverly Hills hairdos, they'll all wear protective head gear and use weighted gloves. Williams and the rest will also undergo some boxing training.

There's no report on how much everybody is getting paid for this, but what's a reputation worth these days?

Our favorite quote from the USA Today article on the show comes from Fox's alternative programming chief Mike Darnell, who says, "This is legitimate. We'll have a real referee, a real doctor, real announcers. To all the world this will be a real boxing match."

It can't be any stranger than a Mike Tyson bout.