Tony Snow: No Patsy, But Very Much a Patriot

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

No sooner was it announced that my friend and former colleague, Tony Snow, was tapped by President Bush to be the new White House press secretary, than the shrills were out wondering, "Why Tony?"

One news organization called him simply — if not snidely — the "conservative commentator." Another, the "known right-winger."

Never mind Tony's ample credentials, but were any of these pinheads of the belief the president was going to pick Helen Thomas for the job? Maybe David Gregory if Helen was booked?


Of course the president would want to pick someone who likes him and his policies for this job. Not a sycophant — and God knows Tony's not that. He's blasted this president for submitting budgets that are too big, programs that are too costly and a public relations strategy that is too timid.

That's Tony: No patsy, but very much a patriot. And loyal to this president on the issues that matter to this president: fighting terrorism, protecting the country and helping taxpayers.

No press secretary has ever entered office so steeped in government and all branches of journalism.

God forbid Tony has biases, like opting to take a huge pay cut for his country and his president because he likes his country and his president. And so soon after beating back a devastating bout with cancer.

There's no questioning Tony's patriotism. His sanity, maybe — but not his patriotism.

All I know is I never remember the media making a big deal out of George Stephanopoulos hosting "This Week" on ABC. George did a good job for Bill Clinton and he's doing a good job for ABC.

George was due the benefit of the doubt. Tony deserves that... and more.

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