Tony Parker 'Over' Eva Longoria’s Sex Symbol Status and She Officially Announces She’s Done With Lesbian Lip-Locks | Simon Baker Teased for Being Too Sexy | Photo Op: Rihanna Has (Another) Night Out | 'DWTS' Duo Wanted to Do Naughty Things During Sexy Photo Shoot and Why Jewel Thinks She’s Hot Stuff

Tony Parker 'Over' Eva Longoria’s Sex Symbol Status and She Officially Announces She’s Done With Lesbian Lip-Locks

Eva Longoria has earned almost every physically-fabulous honor that there is in showbiz over the years, including high-rankings in FHM Magazine’s "Sexiest Women" poll to Maxim’s "Hot 100" to being named one of E!’s "Steamiest Southern Stars" and one of People en Español’s "50 Most Beautiful." And just this week the "Desperate Housewife" added another notch to her sex-symbol status with the title of TV Guide’s "Sexiest Woman in Television" -- so how does her NBA hubby Tony Parker feel about his wife’s sex-symbol status?

"He is so over it, he doesn’t really care," Longoria said on Tuesday night at TV Guide’s exclusive party to celebrate the "Sexiest Stars 2009" issue. "He thinks I’m sexiest when I wake up in the morning and you gotta marry the man who thinks that, he doesn’t like the makeup and the gowns."

The 34-year-old admitted that she was surprised by her top spot, but very excited that audiences still find her character Gabrielle Solis to be sexy "even after the frumpy year she had." Speaking of "Desperate Housewives" however, headlines have been buzzing about Longoria’s lesbian lip-lock with co-star Teri Hatcher -- but apologies to the millions of men out there, it will never happen again.

"Definitely no more kissing girls," she said sternly, adding that she and her co-stars have literally been sitting on-set waiting for the script of their next scene to hopefully avoid the leaking of any secrets surrounding the last three episodes.

But back to important things like being sexy, how can you look (almost) as hot as Longoria now that the mercury is rising?

"I always get a bikini wax and always spray tan before I go to the beach. It is really key not only because it acts as a sunblock but you look better in a bikini when you’re already tan," she added.

Simon Baker Teased for Being Too Sexy

While most Hollywood men would wear the "Sexiest Male in Television" title like a badge of honor and probably be carrying around the magazine, this year’s recipient Simon Baker was well, pretty perturbed.

"I had to do a radio interview in Australia today; even this guy was giving me crap. In the old days this news wouldn’t have even gotten to Australia for six months, so this is all a little embarrassing," The Mentalist" star from Down Under told Tarts at the party, his arms folded nervously. "I’m looking forward to getting done with it tonight, getting in my pajamas and going and hiding in my doona."

And it seems Baker’s sexy status is hindering his ability to be taken seriously by his co-stars…

"Whenever I walk on to the set she (co-star Robin Tunney) says "oh I’m feeling flushed" and in anyway she can she tries to reference if something is too sexy for her too handle. She just gives me a hard time, its constant," Baker added. "And Owain (Yeoman) is so desperately wanting to be the sexiest guy on TV so he is being very polite, I think he’s trying to get tips but afraid to ask me for any."

But (surprisingly) Brody Jenner was kinda humbled by his new titillating title too (although he did quite like his picture).

"I’m seriously like ‘mom, be quiet, I don’t want to hear it.’ I don’t think of myself as sexy, Victoria’s Secret is sexy ... not me," Jenner said. "But I was liking the picture; it wasn’t like I was on the bed posing with my shirt off. I got to laugh, so yes it was sexy, not cheesy."

Photo Op: Rihanna Has (Another) Night Out

Despite being the most talked about celebrity across the world right now, Rihanna is making no point of keeping a low-profile. Looking simply stunning, Pop Tarts spotted the "Disturbia" songstress (sans controversial boyfriend Chris Brown) at West Hollywood hotspot Nobu for what was initially just a ladies night out on Wednesday.

Rihanna was all smiles as she noshed away in full view of the partying patrons, laughing and smiling like the happiest lass alive while making good use of her coming-of-age by sipping on cocktails and bopping away as the DJ cheekily played a bunch of her hits.

Three good-looking guys later joined the 21-year-old's little posse and she appeared to be lapping up all the male attention and was one of the last to leave the open dining area at around midnight. Pop Tarts even overheard Rihanna chatting happily to MySpace CEO and Co-Founder Chris Dewolfe about possibly doing more work for the music-driven social networking site and she even went out of her way to say a big hello to Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado's table.

Also spotted at the hotspot was a pregnant (but hardly showing and still super small) Nicole Richie with beau Joel Madden -- although they stayed well away from Rihanna and her pals.

Hmmm, so is RiRi trying to get back on with life or was this another photo op? After all, her SUV did stop for a few moments at on the Nobu driveway as she was departing, giving the pack of paps a good chance to make their money shot.

'DWTS' Duo Wanted to Do Naughty Things During Sexy Photo Shoot and Why Jewel Thinks She’s Hot Stuff

Soon-to-be-married "Dancing With the Stars" duo Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff certainly sizzled in TV Guide’s sexy issue, but it turns out that they had much more on their mind while posing beneath the sheets.

"It’s not even about the photo. It was about the experience of that photoshoot, it was the most fun I personally have ever had. We were laughing the whole time, it was sexy but it was a good time," Chmerkovskiy said at the Sexy Stars soiree. "The photographer kept telling us to be cute, but we were half naked in a bed under the covers and I kept thinking of a bunch of other things a little better than being cute."

On the note of cuteness, Chmerkovskiy admitted that it took him fourteen years to finally ‘fess his love for fiancé and fellow dancer, Karina Smirnoff.

"We met in a Brooklyn dance studio 14 years ago, she walked in with her pretty self and that was the moment. If there is love at first sight then that was it, it just took us 14 years to get there," he added. "She’s a very strong, amazing, accomplished woman and for me to even stand a chance I had to be an accomplished, strong man and I worked my butt off to get here. I just hope I can bring into this relationship what she needs." Awww.

It also took rodeo man-turned-DWTS star Ty Murray over a decade to marry Jewel and judging by the way they canoodled and he lovingly helped his woman walk with her walking stick, it seems it was worth the songstress’s wait.

"Confidence is something unique. Women should celebrate how different they are from one another, everyone is beautiful in their own way and we should really celebrate that," Jewel told Tarts. "That’s what I think is sexy."