Like a lot of people, I was hoping there was more in Tony Blair's dossier on Saddam Hussein.

Having said that, I still do not think it is inadequate to justify military action against Saddam if he does not cooperate in his own disarmament.

Remember last week — on this very program — a British former weapons inspector said the only way inspections will work is if the Iraqis cooperate and tell the inspectors what they are making, where they are making it, and lead the inspectors right up to the door where the nasty stuff is going on.

Now I ask you... if that is the standard for weapons inspections, do you think they will work?

Come on. Who thinks Saddam is going to show the inspectors where his nukes are?

I'm fine with the position that war is bad. It is. Half the generals you ask will tell you the same thing, and the other half can be talked into it.

But there are times, and there are people who leave you no choice.

I hope the Brits understand that Blair is not being Bush's poodle. He's being Bush's resolute friend and eloquent stand-in.

Bush and Blair are not going to get a unanimous vote to go after Saddam. They are going to have to convince as many as they can, and then go forward with whatever support they have.

Remember, threatening war is sometimes as good a technique as any for actually avoiding war... as long as the other side thinks you will actually do it.

That's My Word.

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