Some of the major events over 30 years of "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson":

Oct. 1, 1962: Johnny Carson replaces Jack Paar as permanent host of "The Tonight Show" on NBC. His first words as the audience applauds: "Boy, you would think it was Vice President Nixon." His first guest is Rudy Vallee.

1964: Carson debuts "Carnac the Magnificent" and Aunt Blabby characters.

1964: Demonstrating how to throw a tomahawk, actor Ed Ames hits a cardboard dummy figure in the crotch, resulting in one of the longest sustained audience laughs in TV history.

1967: Doc Severinsen becomes music conductor.

Dec. 17, 1969: Tiny Tim marries Miss Vicki on "Tonight." It remains the highest rated Carson show ever.

1970: Fred de Cordova joins staff as producer; later named executive producer.

1972: The show moves from New York to Burbank.

1974: The year's most memorable on-air moment: staff writer Pat McCormack streaks across the stage.

1980: Air time is reduced from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.

1986: Joan Rivers is dropped as a regular guest host after she accepts a late-night talk show job on Fox network.

1987: Jay Leno is named exclusive guest host.

1991: Carson announces his retirement in one year.

May 22, 1992: Carson's last time as host of "Tonight," before handing over the reins to Jay Leno.