Tom Selleck, a Couple of Beatles and Sugar Ray

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Tom Selleck, a couple of Beatles and Sugar Ray in the bright post-party glare of The Foxlight.

Was Tom Selleck really drunk and disorderly on the streets of Manhattan the other day? He was sure acting that way, according to one New York magazine. But a spokesman says it was all an act - with hidden cameras filming the whole thing for some upcoming promotion. Still, it had to be pretty funny to be a tourist and have Magnum Pie Eyed say, "Who wants a photo with a drunk Tom Selleck?" Hey, who doesn't?

A nasty letter written by John Lennon to Paul McCartney is up for sale. Lennon called Linda McCartney a "middle-aged, cranky Beatles fan" and predicted the McCartneys' marriage wouldn't last two years. He also accuses McCartney and other friends of trying to sabotage his relationship with Yoko Ono. Yet, at the end, Lennon writes, "In spite of it all, love to you both from us two." It's not clear whether Lennon ever sent the letter. Christie's is auctioning it off in the fall. It's expected to bring in around $100,000.

Remember when Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath played up having an affair with Madonna? He tells Spin the night he made an infamous lewd comment about Madonna in front of a concert crowd he was "almost blacked-out drunk." Those days are over. In spite of liking to party, he describes his liver as looking like a piece of beef jerky. Mmmm, bon appetit. So his jerky days aren't all behind him.