Tom Cruise, The Phantom Menace and Rodney Dangerfield are in the dim glare of the Foxlight.

Will they or won't they? Someone who should know says that Cruise and Cruz — Tom and Penelope — may get married and sooner rather than later. The source for this report: Tom's ex-wife. Not Nicole — the other ex, Mimi Rogers. The stars of the upcoming Vanilla Sky have been linked romantically, but c'mon — isn't that just to promote the movie? I guess we'll know after Vanilla Sky opens next month.

Speaking of movies, what was Fox thinking? Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace just came out on DVD and is flying off the shelves. So why broadcast the film on the Fox Network on Sunday night? Don't studios normally wait years and years until they sell something to television? I know it's all in the family — but won't this slow down the DVD sales?

Finally, I'm sorry to hear that Rodney Dangerfield had a mild heart attack last Thursday. But at 80, maybe it's time he gave himself a little more respect and stop trying work so hard. Did you see him on with Leno over the holidays? He seemed out of it, working blue and messing up punchlines. Even a surprise guest appearance from Jim Carrey couldn't save him from bombing.