Toe-to-Toe With Tyson

Wow… what an interesting show we had!

No major Iraq or political news that dominates, just more fallout for the Radio City Democratic fundraiser labeled by many as the celebrity hate fest. We hear Whoopi Goldberg (search) was the ringleader of the anti-Bush curse-athon and she paid the price by losing her Slimfast endorsement deal. It’s hard for me to personally believe that many Americas say, “let me try Slimfast… if it’s good enough for the barely-fit, formerly-funny comedian, then it’s good enough for me!” But it’s a big deal. We asked the callers and e-mailers who was to blame for the Whoopi-whack and just about all blamed her for her fallout.

Something else we took on off the cuff on the Thursday show is the picture in the New York Post of Britney Spears (search) drinking from a small bottle in front a liquor store. Now the Post says it’s a small liquor bottle and we think it’s Ginseng. Megan went out and got a micro bottle of Ginseng and Steve pretended to sip like Britney and I think we showed that she was just getting an energy boost not a buzz. Buy the New York Post, see the photo and you make the call!

For me this show was a blur because I just got in from Phoenix 90 minutes before the cameras powered up. Finally, I had chance to interview sports most controversial personality: Mike Tyson (search). I caught up with him after his workout in Arizona and got 30 quality minutes on-camera. The last time I saw him this close I was holding the mic as he cursed out some journalist at the infamous Lewis-Tyson presser, which turned into an all –out brawl. Wednesday he was so calm about his life and his past. I really believe he is almost relieved to be dead broke and coming back again. He’s now living in a 120k-dollar house, down from six mansions and 28 cars! You will be shocked to see how introspective and humble he is and I was shocked to learn he watches our show most days. We will air the two or three part interview next week. E.D. does not think this was worth neither the tip nor the money. You make the call. He fights July 30th.

Ok, now the show behind the show for me. I got in at 3:30 a.m. instead of 1.50 a.m. because America West had a pilot show up late. Thanks! Then my cell phone service shut off so I could not locate my car service (still don’t know why). Do you know it takes about 10 minutes to make a credit card call from a pay phone? Arrived into the studio with that plane slime only to find there was no light in our one FOX shower. My assistant had a really hard time sponging me off in those conditions. Did manage to steal enough light to realize the floor of the shower stall was either covered in rust or blood, either way I am going to need a tetanus shot. On the interview expect to see a very shiny host, because it was 110 degrees inside that gym and I just could not cake on make-up in front of the baddest man on the planet. It was not the best section of Phoenix. How do I know that? Well, one of the cameramen had his car stolen while we were taping! His LoJack went off and he yelled and we had to stop. The criminal left my new rental SUV and Tyson’s monster Hummer for this guy’s truck. Well, next thing you know the cops storm in a guy had to leave. You’ll see photos and the tape in a future blog.

That Arsenal soccer underwear guy was one strange segment. He just did not want to be there and was embarrassed to see himself in his underwear and I was not exactly in my comfort zone. It’s hard to see men’s briefs. Even Johnny Carson would have had trouble making that segment sing. However, Jeff Garlin from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” was a great guest and before his segment he told us he truly hates the whole red carpet Emmy glitz and glamour. Minutes earlier his show was nominated, so he has to suck it up and get pretty in the fall.

We have been getting big crowds coming to the show and we are truly honored you make the trek. The best thing about summer is so many of you come to our show and we get to meet the people behind the Nielson boxes. Keep it up we almost always come out and say hi! That’s my Thursday blog. Time to pick out another outfit for Friday!

Brian Kilmeade

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