Today's Celebrity News

Regis, Jacko and Puffy in the one name overhyped glow of The Foxlight.

Who could have predicted Regis would be a household name? Millionaire Man says a psychic did in the late 1960's. Reege claims that the guru told him he'd be a huge star TV star someday. He called this amazing Omar when Live debuted in the late 1980's and said "thanks." But Omar said, "nope, something even bigger is coming." Now his phone-a-friend says "I told you so." By the way, ever wonder what the longest time anyone on Millionaire has waited to answer a question? Would you believe 52 minutes. No wonder they have to edit a lot. Is that your answer finally?

How much does it cost to be Michael Jackson? The New York Post reports $10 million a year for Never Never Land and $15,000 a day for makeup and security. That makes Elton John look like Mother Theresa, which some mornings I'm sure he does. Anyway, The Post says Jackson is borrowing from his record label and may sell The Beatles' catalog of songs he bought in 1985 for $50 million back to Sir Paul for $700 million.

Finally, just like Sinatra and Ava Gardner? Sean P. Diddy Puffy Combs tells Vanity Fair his relationship with Jennifer Lopez has the same torrid, timeless qualities as classic celebrity love affairs. He says he is Sinatra. And get this, if J-Lo is ever in a burning building there's a 99 or 100 percent chance that he'd die rescuing her. Sean, this is the kinda stuff that gets read out loud at a bachelorette party the night before she marries someone else.