What do you do if a couple of tipsy grown men in capes and skivvies show up at your door looking for a party?

If you're a suspected drug offender and you happen to live in the U.K, you may as well just surrender, 'cause you've just been foiled by the Dynamic Duo. Seriously.

Two policemen dressed as Batman and Robin teamed up to conduct a sting operation of superheroic proportions in Weymouth, Dorset, The Daily Mail reports.

Apparently the pair pretended to be a couple of inebriated idiots looking for a costume party and knocked on the door of the suspect's home.

When the occupants of the house saw the drunken duo and refused to answer, Batman and Robin made their way to the rear of the house, and seven uniformed officers came to the front door.

Thinking the cops were there to help, the occupants let them in to complain about the caped crusaders.

When the suspect got a sneaking suspicion that something was fishy, he bolted for the back door and was personally busted by Batman and his buddy.

"This was my first costumed acting experience," Sgt. Tony Smith said. "The Batman costume was quite comfortable and not too restricting. But it was difficult finding somewhere to put my CS spray. There was nowhere for the handcuffs, but then Batman does not need handcuffs."

The suspect was arrested and charged with a drug offense.

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You Can't Teach an Old Bastard New Tricks ... but You Can Take Away His Booty

MONONA, Wis. (AP) — No more bare bodies for the old boys.

Police on Monday stripped the local chapter of the International Order of Old Bastards of the exotic dancers who have performed at their meetings for decades.

The club, which consists of about 600 members, has met quarterly for at least 40 years, according to a police report. Members must be at least 35 years old, although the average age is mid-60s, said Richard Story, who described himself as the club's newly installed Arch Old Bastard.

Meetings typically draw 200 to 300 members. Story said the group has no charities or social agenda.

"This is for elderly people who just want to have a good time with their peers," Story, a 60-year-old retired engineer and tavern owner, told the Wisconsin State Journal for Wednesday's editions.

But police showed up at Monday's quarterly meeting at the Eastside Businessman's Association and warned them that they needed an adult entertainment permit to have strippers. The State Journal said police learned about the strippers after one of the paper's reporters started asking about it in June.

Story told officers the club had three to four strippers ready to perform on Monday. He said the women get naked, dance on a stage and mingle in the aisles, but no contact with them is allowed, the police report said.

Story told police the women are never out of his sight and he is the only one allowed to go into their dressing rooms — for security reasons, the report said.

When Story told the audience the strippers were canceled, many members left, the report said. Aside from a cynical "thanks" one of them uttered to police on the way out, members left peacefully, the report said.

A message The Associated Press left for Story Wednesday morning wasn't immediately returned.

Sue Richmond, 54, told the State Journal she supplies the strippers for the Old Bastards through her DeForest business, exotic-dancers.com.

She said she began dancing for the Old Bastards in 1972. She described members as well-behaved, adding that dancers earn $150 each plus tips for dancing from 9 to 11 p.m.

The International Order of Old Bastards began in 1945. The founder was Fred Kibbe, an American soldier stationed in Australia who was inspired by the Australian greeting "Hi, you old bastard."

The order has about 1 million members in 4,600 chapters around the world.

Nothing Says 'Happy Thanksgiving' Like a Turkey Hellbent on Revenge

MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) — Turkey day came early for one New Jersey family when one of the wild birds crashed through a house window and made a big mess.

The episode began around 3 p.m. Monday when Lisa Lane, her daughter, Lauren, and notably, their West Highland white terrier, Bubbles, pulled up to the house.

About 20 wild turkeys were feasting on crab apples in their yard, not an unusual sight.

When the birds saw Bubbles, they flew away in a hurry. One, though, did not have a smooth takeoff and crashed into a second-story window of the Lanes' home.

"It was very exciting," Lisa Lane told the Asbury Park Press for Wednesday's newspapers. "What's so funny [is] it's around Thanksgiving, and I have this wild turkey in my house."

After Lane called for help, state police, an animal control expert and a turkey-hunting neighbor sporting camouflage and toting a baseball bat showed up for the roundup. But by the time the turkey search party arrived in the bedroom of 8-year-old Jake Lane, where the bird had crashed, the gobbler was gone.

But not without leaving its mark.

"The bird had relieved himself all over," Lisa Lane said. "The room was a disaster."

Tony McBride, who runs the state Department of Environmental Protection's Wild Turkey Research Project, figures the spooked bird is probably fine now.

And its escape is no big loss for the Lane family. They're planning to eat Thanksgiving dinner out, so they didn't need to get a bird.

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Rich? Desperate? Don't Miss Out on This Sweet Deal From Vapid-Vacations-R-Us

BEIJING (AP) — A matchmaking love boat cruise open only to male millionaires and "good-looking and desirable" women is slated to set sail later this month, a state-run Chinese newspaper said Tuesday.

Men on the cruise scheduled to go along Shanghai's Huangpu River must be worth at least $250,000, the China Daily quoted organizer Xu Tianli as saying.

Xu said more than 20 men had signed up for the Nov. 25 cruise and that half of those registered to take part were worth more than $25 million.

Fewer than 30 of the 1,000 women who applied were accepted, Xu said.

"Only those who were attractive in every category can take part in this event," Xu said, without giving the specific criteria interested female applicants had to meet.

"Rich men are normally very busy, and most of the women they meet are there for work or business, which these men consider to be unsuitable for relationships," Xu said.

One of the men who signed up for the cruise, identified only by his surname Sun, said "appearance is most important to me."

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Mmmm ... Delaying the Inevitable

BETHLEHEM, N.H. (AP) — Monstro the 15-pound lobster didn't wind up on the menu.

The giant lobster caught 100 miles off the Massachusetts coast spent last month in the lobster tank at Angelica's Restaurant in Bethlehem. He recently was returned to the water, just off the southern tip of West Island, five miles from New Bedford, Mass.

Fred Cunha, the restaurant owner, bought the 37-inch Monstro with his 15-inch-long claws from a New Bedford fishing boat in mid-October. Cunha estimates Monstro is 50 years old.

Fifteen-pound lobsters are rare anywhere, but especially in the North Country.

Half the customers who weighed in on the subject wanted to eat Monstro; the other half felt sorry for him.

After persistent lobbying from diners and his 7-year-old daughter Angelica, Cunha decided to raffle off Monstro, with the winner deciding whether to send him to the ocean or the cooking pot.

So Monstro lounged in the restaurant's tank with Mr. Crabby, Angelica's pet 2-pound lobster, feasting on minced crab and scallops. Cunha sold chances at $1 apiece until he reached Monstro's retail price of $150.

"She was really worried," Cunha said of his daughter. "She really wanted him to go free."

Last Friday, Angelica drew the winning ticket. The winner, Claire Lupton of Whitefield, doesn't eat lobster. She said a lobster that big and that old shouldn't end up on a dinner plate.

The Monstro raffle was so successful that Cunha extended it to another lobster, a 9-pounder who'd joined Monstro in the tank a couple of weeks ago. That lobster was set free, too.

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Ummm ... Hello ... Welt-Raising Handcuffs Are So Last Season

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (AP) — A man being questioned in connection with the theft of more than $5,000 in jewelry managed to slip police — but not his handcuffs.

Terry S. Davis, 34, who authorities say has an extensive criminal record, escaped on Nov. 3 from the Oak Ridge Police Department's interrogation room.

He was nabbed nine days later, still wearing the handcuffs.

Davis was able to sever the chain joining the handcuffs but told police the remaining restraints were raising welts on his wrists, according to Capt. Rick Stone.

After his getaway, he eluded officers in two separate foot chases before being arrested at his home Sunday night.

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