To Support and Protect: German Policewomen Issued Bulletproof Bras

New undercover protection has Germany’s policewomen on the front lines of lingerie technology.

Bulletproof bras are being issued to about 3,000 female members of the country’s police force, and, according to a BBC report, these ‘Wonderbras,’ are far safer than normal bras.

"The impact of a bullet can push the metal and plastic bits of the bra into an officer's body, causing serious injury," Carmen Kibat, an adviser for equal opportunity in the federal police force and the policewoman who started the push for the bulletproof bras, told the BBC.

The new bras have no under-wire or metal fasteners that can lodge into flesh on impact with a bullet, but otherwise look like sports bras, letting them both support and protect, the BBC reported.

So far, the bras have been distributed to female officers in airports, train stations, and border crossings.

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