You know what's really big this Christmas?


You heard me right.

Taking a gift that was meant for you, and giving it to someone else.

I guess it says something about the tough economy that one in five of us is doing this now.

But it also says a lot about the person who's getting the re-gifted item: "You're not worth the trouble."

Bottom line, "You're not worth going out to the store and shopping for."

Or put another way, "I didn't like this gift. In fact, I hated this gift, so I instantly thought of you."

Now what happens when said re-purposed recipient doesn't like this re-purposed gift either?

And now he wants to re-purpose it too?

Give it to someone for whom he similarly feels little, if any, real emotion.

How big a loser does that next recipient have to be? Or the guy after him if that loser punts it along?

Don't laugh. A retail expert told me it's not at all unusual for re-gifted items to pass along to five or more people, especially in this economy?

Can you imagine that? How would you like to be the fifth person in that re-packaged conga line?

Imagine being at the end of that cheapskate parade?

Still, retail folks say it's the thought that counts.

And better to give something than nothing.

Which is weird when you realize that something cost you nothing.

Which, I suspect, says something about the person you're giving it to.

Not that they're nothing.

Just close to nothing.

They say friends and families are gifts.

But you know what?

They never said new gifts, did they?

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