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MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: Let's see if Fred can negotiate through the minefield of the Tip Sheet.

Here's what's coming up for the week.

Item one, President Bush will celebrate Labor Day in Pittsburgh with his new favorite union, the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: Mort, you will not be surprised to know that that particular union withdrew from the AFL-CIO a year ago, and they're having a close personal relationship with President Bush now, who wants to expand his base into labor. He's also there to help Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Fisher, who's badly trailing the Democrat, ex-Philadelphia mayor Ed Rendell.

KONDRACKE: So you suppose they'll buy a permanent extension of the estate tax? I don't think so.

Item two, like swallows to Capistrano, Congress returns to Washington next week, looks for lot of hot air on Iraq, homeland security and the new CBO numbers.

BARNES: Now, it's already clear the Senate is not going to complete all its work, and so there'll have to be a lame-duck session after the election. Now, if Republicans were in charge, you'd certainly blame Republican leader Trent Lott for that, so whose fault is it?

KONDRACKE: I think it's your favorite whipping boy, Lyndon Baines Daschle.

Item three, next Friday, September 6, a special joint session of Congress will take place in New York City's Freedom Hall.

BARNES: Well, they'll surely honor the dead at the World Trade Center. But I hope they vow, vow to continue to the fight against terrorists all the way to Baghdad.

KONDRACKE: Yes, they, they will not, however, pass a homeland security bill by September 11.

Item four, California Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bill Simon will keynote a fund-raiser for the Republican Unity Coalition, a group that promotes gay and gay-friendly GOP candidates.

BARNES: You know, Bill Simon, after all his trouble, is only 11 points behind Gray Davis, but he desperately needs an issue that will catapult him, give him momentum. That issue is not gay rights.

KONDRACKE: Now, don't you think that California Republicans, if they really thought about it, wouldn't have chosen former mayor...

BARNES: You mean, looking back?

KONDRACKE: ... Richard Riordan?

BARNES: Yes, they would have picked Riordan, looking back, knowing what they know now, yes.


And item five, the congressional committee investigating the various corporate scandals could issue a subpoena next week to Martha Stewart.

BARNES: It would be shameless to subpoena Martha Stewart, who's a minor figure in the corporate scandals. They would do it, and Republicans, in this case, would do it for only one reason, get media attention. And they'll get a lot of media attention.

KONDRACKE: And they certainly will. But she'll take the Fifth.

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