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MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: Welcome back to The Beltway Boys.

Let's see if I can stump Fred on this week's Tip Sheet.

ITEM ONE, President Bush travels to Cleveland Monday to talk about one of his favorite campaign themes, compassionate conservatism.

FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: And Mort, he'll talk about school choice, school vouchers.  That's compassionate conservatism. He'll talk about welfare reform, which has worked spectacularly well, though liberals want to gut it. That's compassionate conservatism.

KONDRACKE: Pay raises for teachers, that's compassionate too. He's not for it.

ITEM TWO, the Fourth of July is next Thursday, and Washington and the nation are ready despite terrorist threats.

BARNES: You know, this is a legitimate concern, and fear about terrorism, particularly in light of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's disclosure the other day that al Qaeda is rearming around the world, and particularly in Pakistan.

KONDRACKE: Attacks were inevitable, let's not hope.

ITEM THREE, country music stations are organizing a mass mailing of cowboy boots to ABC's Peter Jennings next week to protest network dumping of country singer Toby Keith from its Fourth of July special.

BARNES: And it wasn't just Toby Keith, it was Charlie Daniels and his band from singing a song on a PBS special. You know what? This comes under a category, Mort, liberal intolerance. There's a lot of it.

KONDRACKE: ITEM FOUR, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will hold a third round of talks with Iraq on allowing arms inspectors back in the country.

BARNES: You know, these talks are utterly irrelevant. Arms inspections won't work. That is why Bush has now adopted a policy toward Iraq of regime change, which will work.

KONDRACKE: Yes, let's hope he doesn't allow inspectors in, because we'll start fighting about that.

ITEM FIVE, the new international criminal court will begin next week, and the U.S. most definitely will not be on board.

BARNES: That's for sure. This is a court with no accountability and a bunch of leftists there, and their idea of swinging into operation is to indict Ariel Sharon. But — and people like that. And I'm sure they'll go, want to after some Americans. We shouldn't be a part of it. All right.

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