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MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST:  Time for the Tip Sheet for next week's action.

Item one, it's back to business for Congress.  Energy legislation is  first on the Senate's agenda.  But watch for Senator Daschle to try to  bring up campaign finance reform.

FRED BARNES, CO-HOST:  I know you want it up immediately on the floor there.  It  won't succeed.  He's promised to do the energy bill, so it'll be election  reform, energy, then campaign finance reform week after next, and it'll  pass.  Don't worry, Mort.


Item two, energy – Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will be in  Washington to see President Bush.

BARNES:  Well, look, what he's got to do is not just plead for the  U.S. to intervene.  What he needs to do is lean on Yasser Arafat to stop  the terrorism.  Then you have some grounds on which to renew the peace  process.

KONDRACKE:  Absolutely right.

Item three, Senator Jim Jeffords will be hosting a major fund-raising  dinner for Senate Democrats next week in Washington...


BARNES:  I thought he was, I thought he was an independent.

KONDRACKE:  Yes, well...


BARNES:  ... and I thought he opposed soft money, but $1,000 a seat  for that dinner.  That's soft money, Mort...

KONDRACKE:  I, I know.  Well, you know campaign finance reform is not  signed and passed yet.

BARNES:  Right.

KONDRACKE:  Item four, there are at least four more congressional  hearings on Enron.

BARNES:  You know, Democrats are actually being even more cynical than  you've been here today, Mort, in trying to just link Enron to Republicans  when they know there's no particular link there.  I mean, that's really  guilt by association of the worst kind.

KONDRACKE:  They got to work on something.

Item number five, Janet Reno will be picking up her red pickup truck  across the state of Florida for a 15-day campaign trip.

BARNES:  You know, I looked at her trip, and she's going to all these  Democratic areas.  The truth is, she's going to get the Democratic  gubernatorial nomination.  She should go to Indian River County, where my  mother lives.  It's a Republican county.  But that's where she needs the  votes.  She's falling even further behind Republican Governor Jeb Bush.   She needs to get some Republican voters...

KONDRACKE:  She's got to win...

BARNES:  ... if she's going to...

KONDRACKE:  ... a primary first.

BARNES:  Well, she's going to win that anyway.

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