Tip Sheet for the Week of April 28

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The Beltway Boys give you the scoop on what to watch for in the coming week.

MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST:  Here's our "Tip Sheet" for next week's political action, and Fred is ready, I know.

Item No. 1, after a week of tough negotiations, Senate action is scheduled to begin on the president's education plan.

FRED BARNES, CO-HOST:  Well, you know, it boils down to one guy, Senator Teddy Kennedy, who's sitting around saying, I'm going to block this thing until I get more money for education.  And the more he sits around, the more money he gets.  So I'd have to say the liberals are winning.

KONDRACKE:  Yes, the deal is in danger, though, because some conservative Republicans are opposed to it.

Item No. 2, President Bush may be naming his first judicial appointments next week, and liberal special interest groups are girding for the battle.

BARNES:  Well, look, they'd be ready to fight if he named all liberals.  But -- because they wouldn't know the difference, probably.  But look, he's going to have a balanced package of appeals court and district court judges, a number of conservatives, also a number of women and minorities and so on, and some moderates.  I think it'll do very well in the Senate.

KONDRACKE:  Well, you know, Senate Republicans delayed Bill Clinton's judicial nominations.

BARNES:  Not much.

KONDRACKE:  Watch for payback time.

BARNES:  Oh, come on.

KONDRACKE:  Item three, President Bush will be speaking at the American Jewish Committee dinner next week.

BARNES:  You know what?  They are going to love him.  George W. Bush is the most pro-Israel president at least since Ronald Reagan and maybe ever.  He gets along famously with Ariel Sharon.  And here's what's important.  First, he threw out the entire negotiating proposals of Bill Clinton immediately -- and has accepted Sharon's concept of no talks until
Arafat stops the violence.

KONDRACKE:  Item No. 4, next Thursday is the national day of prayer.  Look for President Bush to speak out on his -- on the role of his faith in his personal life and the presidency.

BARNES:  You know, he loves to talk about his faith.  He did to Brit Hume, he prays every day.  I think he will talk about that.  And a lot of people love to hear it.

KONDRACKE:  Yes, I said on Brit Hume's show that Bill Clinton, and something like Bill Clinton and Bill -- and Bush had to say -- and equal faith.  You said, "By their fruits shall ye know them."  You were right.

BARNES:  Yes, all right.

KONDRACKE:  Item five, next Sunday is the opening day of T-ball on the White House South Lawn.  Fred will be there trying it out.  This is part of President Bush's plan to spur more interest in baseball as a national pastime.

BARNES:  There is a lot of interest in it, but Bob Costas, the announcer, will be there.  He -- Bush -- remember, Bush is -- I think first television interview was Bob Costas, that tells you something about Bush and baseball.

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