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MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: Welcome back to The Beltway Boys.

Fred's in the hot seat, and here's the Tip Sheet for next week's action.

Item one, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah will visit President Bush at his Crawford ranch next week. When asked in a recent FOX News Opinion Dynamics poll if Saudi Arabia is a friend of the United States, 63 percent of those polled said no, while only 18 percent said yes.

President Bush says yes.

FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: You know, I know, but this poll is a mandate for him to, to give the tough message to Abdullah, saying, Look, you got to get in there and fight terrorism or else we're going to consider you on their side. He, he, he, he should not just accommodate whatever Abdullah wants him to say.

KONDRACKE: He will. He'll say, We love your peace plan.


KONDRACKE: Item two, U.S. cardinals will travel to Rome next week for a meeting with the pope on recent sex abuse scandals.

BARNES: You know, the pope, I believe, is going to take part in these — not just leave it to some aide there in Rome, really take part. I think he is belatedly on top of this issue.

KONDRACKE: Cardinal Mahoney has the right answer, married priests...


KONDRACKE: ... and, and, and, and women clergy.


KONDRACKE: Item three, Earth Day is next week, and President Bush is doing an event in the Adirondacks. What's he doing there?

BARNES: He's trying to assuage people who might be mildly environmental who — the — I mean, the hard-core environmental — the environmentalists he won't get.

Now, I'm wait, I'm not going to celebrate Earth Day, I'm waiting for Build a Highway Day. You know, in fact, we do need more highways.

KONDRACKE: Item four, President Bush will travel to South Dakota next week to stump for Republican senatorial candidate John Thune, his man.

BARNES: Yes, you know why Tom Daschle won't bring up the — making the Bush tax cut permanent? Because it would be tough for Tim Johnson, the incumbent Democratic senator who Thune's running against. He voted for Bush's tax cut. He'd be in a real quandary if it were on a vote to make it permanent.

KONDRACKE: South Dakota is ground zero.

And item number five, the DNC, Democratic National Committee, will launch its Every Vote Counts initiative next week. Among the luminaries going to be in attendance are Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson. You're going to be there.

BARNES: Yes, well, Clinton loves to hang around with those people.  Look, this is all about Florida. You know what I say to the Democrats, get over it. It's time to get over it. All right.

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