Timeline: Warren Jeffs

Captured polygamist leader Warren Steed Jeffs is set to appear in a Las Vegas courtroom on Thursday to face extradition back to Utah on charges of arranging a child-bride marriage.

• September, 2002: After his father's death, Jeffs takes control of FLDS Church

• July, 2004: Jeffs' nephew Brent files sex abuse suit against him

• June, 2005: Ariz. grand jury indicts Jeffs on charges of sexual misconduct with minor

Jeffs is accused of arranging polygamous marriage between teen girl and an older man

Federal prosecutors in Arizona charge Jeffs with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution

Utah Attorney General's Office asks judge to freeze assets of FLDS Church trust

• July, 2005: Utah and Arizona attorneys general announce $10,000 reward for information leading to Jeffs' arrest

• December, 2005: Woman files suit against Jeffs, accusing him of forcing her into polygamous marriage

• April, 2006: Jeffs is charged in Utah with rape as an accomplice for forcing teen to marry older man

$500,000 warrant is issued for Jeffs' arrest

• May, 2006: U.S. attorney for Utah files federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution against Jeffs

Jeffs' younger brother pleads guilty in federal court in Denver to harboring a fugitive

Jeffs is named to FBI's Ten Most Wanted list

August 28, 2006: Jeffs is captured in traffic stop outside Las Vegas

(Source: Deseret Morning News)