Events in the trial of Scott Peterson:

July 8: Prosecutors contend that Peterson stuffed the body of his pregnant wife in the toolbox of his truck to get it to San Francisco Bay undetected, doing a reenactment with a pregnant woman who matches Laci’s physical dimensions.

July 6: Witnesses who found the remains of Laci and Conner testify. The jury is shown grizzly pictures of the decomposed bodies. Geragos’ questioning focuses on the mysterious “tape-like” material found on Conner’s body.

June 30: The woman who introduced Scott to Amber Frey testifies that Scott never mentioned that he was married and later told her that his wife had died. She also says Scott turned the conversation to sex during their first meeting.

June 29: Brocchini testifies that he had spoken with a source of questionable credibility who claimed Scott had discussed how he would get rid of a body with him.

June 28: Geragos calls defense witnesses, trying to prove that the police investigation was botched and suggesting that three "dark-skinned" men, spotted in the Petersons' neighborhood around the time Laci disappeared, abducted and killed her.

June 24: Juror No. 5, Justin Falconer, is dismissed from the Peterson case by Judge Alfred A. Delucchi for creating a distracting media stir. Falconer attracted media attention on June 22 when he was caught on tape apparently talking to Laci's brother Brent Rocha at a courthouse metal detector.

June 22: Detective Allen Brocchini testifies that Scott was suspiciously calm, cool and relaxed when police responded to the missing person call. Brocchini also testified that police did a gunshot residue test on Scott's hands and said that Scott called the day after Laci's disappearance to ask if they were using cadaver dogs to search for her. Brocchini said he told Scott that police weren't looking for a dead person yet.

June 18: Prosecutors allege that Scott wanted a collection of jewelry bequeathed to Laci by her grandmother months before her disappearance. The collection was estimated to be worth $100,000.

June 15: Prosecutors call Modesto police officers to testify. Jon Evers, the first officer to respond to the missing person call, says that things in the Peterson house seemed strangely out of order. Officer Derrick Letsinger testifies that Scott threw his flashlight to the ground and muttered a curse word while the two were searching the grounds surrounding the Peterson house. Officer Matthew Spurlock testifies that Scott told him he had been fishing alone on San Francisco Bay on Christmas Eve morning, nearly 100 miles away, but was unable to tell him what kind of fish he was trying to catch.

June 11: Modesto Police Sgt. Byron Duerfeldt testifies that he dispatched a detective to the Peterson home -- an unusual immediate response to an initial missing person report -- because he thought the situation sounded suspicious after hearing from the officers who responded to the call.

June 10: Prosecutors highlight two conflicting alibis Scott gave to police during the search for his wife.

June 9: Five members of Laci's family testify that Scott was emotionless during the search for his wife.

June 8: Sharon Rocha testifies that Scott began behaving strangely after he reported his wife missing.

June 7: Laci's half sister, Amy Rocha, testifies that her sister's marriage was, to her knowledge, harmonious and that she was active physically.

Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha, testifies that Scott avoided friends and family as the frantic search for his missing wife got under way. Rocha also said that Scott seemed distant as the two of them searched a park near the Peterson home on the evening Laci was reported missing, ignoring a question about her possible whereabouts.

June 3: Prosecutors call witnesses who testify that Laci spent Jan. 23 preparing for Christmas with her family.

June 2: Defense attorney Mark Geragos blasts prosecution for building case around circumstantial evidence.

June 1: Murder trial begins. Lawyers make opening statements. Prosecution characterizes Peterson as acting shady during wife's disappearance.

Fox News' C. Spencer Beggs, Paul Wagenseil and The Associated Press contributed to this report.