Some anti-foreigner and anti-Christian violence in Pakistan in 2002:

Jan. 23 — Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl abducted while working on story about Islamic extremists in Karachi. A videotape of his murder was received by U.S. diplomats Feb. 21. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British-born militant, has been sentenced to death by a Pakistani court for his role in the crime and is appealing.

March 17 — Grenade attack on Protestant church in Islamabad kills five, including a U.S. Embassy employee and her 17-year-old daughter.

May 8 — Car bomb explodes beside a bus parked outside a Karachi hotel, killing 11 French engineers and three others, including the suicide bomber.

June 14 — Suicide bomber drives an explosives-laden car into a wall around the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, killing 12 Pakistanis.

July 13 — Grenade injures nine European tourists and three Pakistanis at Mansehra, 170 miles north of Peshawar, where they were viewing ancient Buddhist inscriptions.

Aug. 5 — Assailants raid a Christian school filled with foreign children in Murree, 40 miles east of Islamabad. Six Pakistanis, including guards and non-teaching staff, are killed.

Aug. 9 — Grenades hurled at worshippers at a church by a Presbyterian hospital in Taxila, about 25 miles west of Islamabad, leave four dead.

Sept. 25 — Gunmen enter a Christian welfare organization's Karachi office, tie up workers and shoot each in the head. Seven die.

Dec. 5 — Explosion at Macedonia's consulate in Karachi. Investigators find three bodies inside — two men and a woman — each with their hands and feet bound and their throats slit. They speculate attack is linked to killing of seven Pakistanis in a van that ran a roadblock in Macedonia.

Dec. 25 — Grenade blast at Christmas services in a village church in central Pakistan kills three, wounds 11.