Timeline: JonBenet Ramsey Murder Investigation

Key dates in the JonBenet Ramsey case:


Dec. 26: JonBenet Ramsey, 6, is found dead in the basement of her Boulder, Colo., home. Patsy Ramsey says she found a ransom note demanding $118,000 for her daughter.

Dec. 31: Ramsey family hires attorney, publicist and investigators.


Feb. 24: Ramsey spokesman says family members know they are "at the top of the list of possible suspects."

April 18: District Attorney Alex Hunter says Ramseys are under an "umbrella of suspicion."

April 30: Ramseys interviewed by police in first formal sessions.

May 14: Two detectives, including the first to arrive at the Ramsey home, are removed from the case.

Oct. 10: Police Chief Tom Koby admits mistakes made early in the case.


June 23-25: Ramseys are questioned by police, their first interviews in more than a year. JonBenet's brother Burke, 9 at the time of her death, is interviewed for six hours.

Sept. 15: Grand jury begins investigation.


Oct. 13: District attorney says no indictments will be issued, cites a lack of sufficient evidence.


Dec. 20: New District Attorney Mary Keenan (now Mary Lacy) takes over investigation and promises a fresh look.


March 31: A federal judge in Atlanta concludes that the weight of the evidence is more consistent with the intruder theory than with the theory that Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet.

April 7: Lacy issues a statement agreeing with the judge.

June: Retired detective Tom Bennett is hired by the Boulder district attorney's office to lead a refocused investigation.


June 4: The Ramseys' attorney says DNA found in JonBenet's underwear did not match any samples in an FBI database of convicted violent offenders.


June 24: Patsy Ramsey dies at 49 following a long battle with ovarian cancer.

Aug. 16: John Mark Karr is arrested in Thailand.

Aug. 27: Boulder prosecutors say they will not pursue charges against John Mark Karr.